ElecTech powers most Industry Sectors

ElecTech is vital to the UK economy because it is key to many of the innovations in most industry sectors. From cars to factories; from mobile phones to cloud data centres, the “smart” and the “connected” rely on ElecTech hardware.


The UK’s automotive industry is vibrant and expanding. However with the advent of autonomous vehicles and electric vehicles, we have a double whammy of innovation that is set to transform the UK, and global economy and society. And what powers it all ? ElecTech!

From electric motors, batteries, communications and sensors, to high performance ’embedded’ processors for AI, dashboards and navigation, the future of transport is totally dependent on innovation across the world of ElecTech.

The recent publication of the “Made Smarter” review led by Prof. Juergen Maier demonstrates the many ways in which Electech is fundamental to upgrading the UK’s manufacturing base. The introduction of greater automation will enable factories to be built that simply would not be competitive otherwise, leading to significant growth in jobs and opportunities throughout the UK.

Robotics is a one aspect of automation that relies on many ElecTech technologies, from control electronics and communications through to embedded software for their control. Smart factories will also need to be built to be much more efficient. That means smarter electrical power and integration into the smart grid, as well as using low carbon technologies such as LED lighting. All enabled by ElecTech.

Aerospace has long been a strong and vibrant sector in the UK. And now like never before, ElecTech is at the heart of revolution as the industry transforms itself to respond to the connected, increasingly electric era.

Rolls Royce has led the world in the development of connected jet engines that are continuously monitored through radio telemetry, and their condition is analysed using AI and other “big data” techniques to anticipate failures. Meanwhile, concepts are now emerging for hybrid and fully electric aircraft to enter services within the next 10-20 years. ElecTech is transforming aerospace.

The energy infrastructure is one of the key backbones of a modern industrial society. However with growing awareness of the need to embrace a low-carbon economy, plus a significant shift in energy usage from fossil fuel to electrical energy for almost everything, the energy industry is changing dramatically.

As we move towards increasing use of renewable energy sources such as wind and tides, the UK’s electricity grid needs to integrate new ways to store energy and distribute it when needed. From car charging and cloud data centres to automation and robotics, demand for a flexible, smart and efficient electricity infrastructure has sped to the top of the national agenda. What will enable the new generation of smart electricity grid? ElecTech of course!